We believe that it is vital to be transparent, accountable and above all honouring to God in financial activities.

Each year we accept responsibility for the budget - the first 10% of all money received goes to outreach, after that we meet our expenses.

The tithes and offerings received are our only source of income.

For internet direct transfer, our bank details are:

BSB - 704 922

Account - 100 014 987

Account name - Tuggeranong Baptist Church

How to make a cash deposit:

The account details are different from those for internet banking and are:

BSB: 032-636

Account: 125788

Account name - Tuggeranong Baptist Church General Account

You can make a deposit at a Westpac or other bank, or

You can use the Cardless Deposit option available at the major bank’s ATMs

- You need to have a mobile phone with you as you will be sent an SMS part way through the process.

- You cannot deposit coins.

- You can load a single note or bundle of notes at same time and then you watch the machine count the cash.

- You receive a code via SMS that you need to type in.

The machine issues you with a receipt.


Forms and procedures - Ministry leaders and Event coordinators

Forms to be used by ministry leaders and event co-ordinators.

Contact church administration for a Word copy of the documents as only PDFs can be stored here.


What to expect on a Sunday

When are worship services, and what are they like?

The worship service is at 10 am Sunday mornings.

Our services usually include a blend of traditional and contemporary music

The worship service is little over 1 hour

We sing, we pray, we reflect, and we hear a message from the Bible

We are informal but ordered in the way we worship

Are kids welcome in the service?


Kids are welcome in the worship service! On the first and third Sundays, at the appointed (about 20 mins into the service), they are invited to join the Kids Church program in the Kids' Space and Training Room. Arrangements for Kids' Church in 2022 are yet to be finaised.

You and your little ones (newborn to 3 years old) are welcome to remain in the main worship space. However, you may prefer to move with them to the Sanctuary.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the toys have been packed up to limit the spread of infection. This policy is being reviewed in light of easing of restrictions in the ACT.

Will you ask me for money?

Please do not feel obliged to give. We give to the church to show our thanks to God for what He has done for us, and also as a reminder to us that God owns all we have, and that He provides for us.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no cash offerings will be received. Information about how to give is available in the App or on our Website.

Will I be singled out, or asked to say anything?

No. You are free to be as anonymous as you like.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you are comfortable in.

What about communion?

We take communion, usually on the first Sunday of the month.

No restrictions are placed on who is welcome to receive communion.

We respect each person’s decision about whether or not to participate in communion on each communion Sunday. This is a private decision between you and God.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, single sealed communion packs are available in the reception/sign-in area for you to pick up and take with you to your seat.

After the service

For a limited time, people catch up with others observing COVID Smart behaviours (no handshakes, hugging or kissing and distancing themselves 1/5 mtrs from people they do not know) before leaving so that cleaning can occur.


How to download the App

See attached instructions.


2019 Reports - Church Activities and Audited Financial Reports

Open PDF below for an account of our activities during 2019.


2020 Reports - Audited Financial Reports

Open PDF below for Audited Reports and associated documents


2021 Reports - Audited Financial Reports

Open PDF below for Audited Reports and a Simplified Summary of Accounts.


Food preparation and handling, food handling agreement and training

- See resource below from Baptist Insurance:

- Note: During COVID Pandemic no serving of food that involves sharing of platters of food and sharing of utensils. Basically each person to be served individually with no hands touching where other hands have been.

Extract from the Association of Baptist Churches in NSW&ACT:

What are the requirements for serving food/drink?

There is no specific contagion risk with food and COVID-19, however the main issue is around people being close together and/or touching the same utensils when serving or receiving food. Having designated servers (ideally with gloves and masks while they serve) is OK provided there is either space or a barrier between the people walking along the buffet and the actual food. This is to avoid droplets from breathing doesn’t touch and/or make contact with the food

NSW COVID Food Safety training:

- Follow link to ACT Health information and free Food Handling training.