Privacy Policy - protecting you - protecting others - how to contact others

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7 June, 2021

Check out the PDF below for details of the church-specific policy details.

The policy outlines the scope and boundaries for the use of the church's database of personal information, for example the church mailing lists.

When you Create and Account on our website or in our app, you are covered by this Privacy Policy and you may also set yourself profile so that you receive Notifications about teams/events that you specify if you have you are logged in to to your account.

Protecting you - we do not disclose your information to another person on the mailing list or use the mailing list for purposes other than those listed in the policy.

Protecting others - similarly you have a role not to pass on contact details or personal or sensitive details to others.

What to do if I want to contact someone else who attends church?

  • ask them to share their personal details with you so that you can contact them
  • send a message to the church office or through contact us on the website or app with your request and giving permission for your details to be passed on to them
  • a message is sent to the person you wish to contact and your details passed to them so that they can contact you if they wish.

Ministry leaders/event organisers may use the App/Website functions to send out information to people who have opted-in to receive communications from them.

Note: This policy is also appended to the Privacy Policy that incudes details of the measures Church Central (the provider of our App and Website services) take to protect your privacy.