Church Service - Sunday gathering 29 January 2023 with Lunch following

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This event has ended.

COVID Smart Behaviours - What to expect:

We expect each attendee to accept responsibility for their own health and that of others. However, some measures to reduce the risk of infections from viruses remain in place.

It is recommended that you leave an empty seat between yourself and persons who are not known to you.

Masks are recommended where you are unable to socially distance. Bring your own.

Hand sanitiser, antiseptic wipes, tissues are available if you require them.

Team members at the entry of the auditorium will not offer physical greetings as handshaking may spread infection throughout the congregation.

Follow the link for details about the style of our worship services and open the PDFS to find out how to load the Church App and use the RSVP function.

Check out the separate Event for the lunch details

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This event has ended.