Kids' Church 16 May 2021 - book to attend by Thursday at 8:00 pm

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10:15 AM @ The Garratt St CentreChildren and Youth

RSVP to this eventBy 15 May, 2021

Book your family's children in to attend Kids' Church during the Sunday service.

Don't forget to also book yourself and your children into the church service as well. Note: If you do not include your children as guests in your booking, there may not be a seat for them in the Auditorium.

So that we know who is coming, change to the way that you use the fields in the RSVP to the following.

Instructions - How to book:

First Name field: Please put your full name in this field eg Mary Jones

Last Name field: Please put in the names and ages of all of the children you are booking in this eg Sarah (8), Edgar (11), Libby (5). Include their last name if it is different from yours.

Guests field: Please put the total number of children.

Other fields: No change.

What does not work - it's been tested: You cannot add multiple RSVPs with different names, say one RSVP per child on the same device. If you do this, you overwrite the previous RSVP for the event that was recorded using the device.

Why book by Thursday:

This helps teachers to prepare the room and sufficient sets of equipment and activity sheets. In our COVID Safe environment, we are required to undertake additional preparation to keep everybody safe.

This helps us to extract a list of all children to expect and print it off for the teachers to use for attendance records.

Last minute cancellations and bookings:

Follow the same procedure as for church service bookings and text 0422 261 672. You will probably be changing your service bookings in any case.

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Start / End Time

Kids' Church Third Sunday of the month

Sunday, 16 May, 2021

10:15 AM / 11:00 AM