Bible study

Canberra Bible College

Canberra Bible College is hosted by Tuggeranong Baptist Church, Canberra in association with Morling College, Sydney.

About the College and its courses

Many Christians wish to go deeper in their knowledge of the Bible and their Christian faith, but do not have the time or financial capacity to attend a conventional Bible college and commit to formal study, assignments and assessments. Canberra Bible College aims to provide very affordable, live classes during Autumn and Spring (with breaks for school holidays) over the coming years. Subjects will include: the Old Testament, the New Testament, What the Bible Teaches, and the History of the Church. Other subjects may be added over time.

The College’s courses are designed to cover (in a condensed form) the main topics for the corresponding Morling College bachelor/masters units.

Attending the Canberra Bible College classes regularly will greatly enhance your knowledge and will earn you a Certificate of Attendance, but not formal credit towards a degree or diploma.

Such credit would involve completion of written assignments and passing formal examinations. If you would like to gain formal credit towards a degree or diploma, you are encouraged also to enrol for the corresponding online courses with Morling College (Sydney).

Attending the live classes here in Canberra as well as doing the online studies through Morling College would certainly increase your enjoyment of the overall learning experience. For information about Morling College courses email Morling’s future students advisor ( or visit

About the Tutor

Dr Raymond Wilson holds advanced degrees in theology and science and has taught successfully in several Bible