Op Shop Grand Re-Opening - Christmas stock

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1 November, 2021

Sue and the Op Shop volunteers have been very busy since restrictions eased and allowed them to sort and re-arrange the stock ready for the Grand Opening on 9 November 2021.

They discovered that they have lots of items that are suitable for Christmas Gifts and Stocking Fillers waiting for you to select and buy.

COVID Restrictions do apply at the shop - only 10 are allowed in the shop until 26 November, Mandatory Masks, Distancing, Hand hygiene, CBR CheckIn, Electronic payment preferred and no shared food or utensils

BUT The volunteers are there with a smile (behind their masks) and usual friendly service.

If you have goods that you wish to donate, please pre-arrange this by contact Sue beforehand.

Add Op Shop Notifications to your Account if you wish to be notified when Sue is running special promotions and for other Op Shop news.

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Changes - Church on-line to be discontinued

On Sunday 28 November 2021, the last recorded On-line Church service will be released.

Church On-line was introduced in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, when the Garratt Street Centre was closed. We have been through seasons when we have operated with various degrees and risk, in line with ACT Health guidelines. Throughout this time, we have continued to offer services on-line and in-person so that people could chose the option where they felt at least risk.

We now believe that, with the very high levels of vaccination in the ACT, the high levels now being achieved throughout the nation and the eased restrictions, it is now reasonable to discontinue recording a full on-line service each week.

The on-line services are produced at high-cost to our worship team. Their weekly schedule has been: Tuesday rehearse music segment of the service (including new songs and arrangements) and record the entire service, Wednesday post-production of the complete service and publication to YouTube and the App, Sunday rehearse songs and the in-person service at the Garratt Street Centre. The team did this work willingly and to the glory of God and we thank them for it.

From 5 December 2021, we will return to our previous habit of many years of making a recording of the sermon available via our website. Changes will be that we make a video recording of the sermon segment of each week’s physical service and, after some post-production work rather than immediately after the service, publish this on YouTube. The recording will also be available via our App and Website.

As our App is part of the Church Central group, the sermon will also be available to any users of Church Central.