Rob James

Elder, Corporation Vice-President, BB Captain

Rob James serves as Elder at Tuggeranong Baptist Church after many years as Captain for our Boys’ Brigade (BB) company.

Rob, like our heavenly Father, attributes value to each and ever person in his spheres of influence – the workplace, the church, the rural fire service, the family, the sporting field. He encourages people to be their best selves.

Rob brings to the Eldership, years of experience in negotiating, policy-making and conflict resolution in human resource management. He reflects the character of God in all his dealings with people. He is the Vice-President of Tuggeranong Baptist Church Incorporated.

Rob is committed to nurture and mentor people, develop leaders and lead by example. Rob can usually be found lending a hand whenever it is required by any of the church’s ministries or in his home community.

Rob received the Queen's Award at the same time as Mike Ashford. He leads the ACT BB region and is secretary to his local brigade in the Rural Fire Service.