27 October, 2020

Message from Paul Kyalimpa

Love greetings

We very much appreciate you for the love grant of Ushs 3,522,000/ we received on 29th Sept 2020.

This comes in at the right time we are opening the school.

I have been busy on the issue of opening the school.

The Ministry Of Education is demanding lots of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to prevent corona virus infecting children. We were checked and we got a certificate with 80% and we were told to provide what we did not have.

We are now open with primary seven 15 candidates who are due to sit for their final exam at the end of March 2021.

Thanks for the funds that has assisted us to put in place lots of SOPs to prevent corona virus infecting students..

Please convey my love greetings to all at TBC and we keep praying to our Lord Jesus Christ to keep you all safe and well.

Paul Kyalimpa

28 September, 2020

Pioneers Australia Updates no longer available at the Information Desk

Due to COVID 19 restrictions,, the Information Desk at Garratt St is longer in operation.

Because of this, we will no longer be able to distribute copies of the Updates sent by Pioneers Australia.

Instead of collecting a magazine from the Information Desk, you can visit Pioneers Australia's website, read their latest and sign up for their updates to be sent to you individually from the Home Page. https://pioneers.org.au/

Pioneers Australia vision is for ministry to Unreached People and we have links with them through our partnership with Phil and Jenny Malone in Thailand over the past 15 years.

27 September, 2020

Michele Black - September Newsletter No 2 - It’s Happening…

Michele Black - Psalm 68:19

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Saviour, who daily bears our burdens.

This morning I woke up to a text message from our case worker Sally who wrote ‘Just letting you know that we have official approval to proceed’.

At 7am I had a phone call with her that went for over an hour as she explained step by step the whole process of what an Intercountry adoption entails.

Read the rest of Michele's news in the PDF below,.

21 September, 2020

Michele Black Newsletter September 2020

Hi Friends,

We had some exciting news this past week that has lifted our spirits a lot - please take some time to read about it and join us in praying for some specific things.

We trust you are all doing ok during this season of uncertainty. Please let us know how we can also be praying for you too.

Many blessings,

Michele and Flora xo

Open PDF for full Prayer Requests from Michele

18 September, 2020

Phil and Jenny Malone - Phil's book 13 Monsoons

Read the message below sent by Phil about a book he has written and this is free to download.

30 August, 2020

Michele Black Newsletter June 2020

Michele's Newsletter from June is published in two parts.

30 August, 2020

Phil and Jenny Malone's Newsletter - Malone Gateway News August 2020

Follow the link to Phil and Jenny's latest Newsletter.

They are now located in Melbourne and in the planning phases for their new ministry here in Australia.

30 August, 2020

Hay family New from iKhethelo Children's Village, South Africa

David writes that the rate of infection in South Africa seems to have reached its peak and is slowing, that the children have been able to go back to school and that the family has been able to go out on their days off.

To read the full Newsletter, download the file listed below.

28 August, 2020

Water for the garden

A pump and tap have now been fitted to the rainwater tank in the basement of the Garratt Street Centre so that we can harness this valuable resource.

Gardening Team members are very excited as it means that they can now proceed to install the irrigation system and then get on with the business of planting!

In consultation with Mona, who has developed the overall design, team members have been propagating plants since the beginning of the year. The bush fires and then the pandemic lock down prevented us from getting tasks in time for autumn planting - so now they are eager to move ahead.

Prior to the introduction of this new water source, the building had only one external tap which was not well positioned for an irrigation system.

A list of the supplies now needed to build the irrigation is now being compiled and costed. Thanks Kaye and Patrick!