30 September, 2021

Hay family News from iKhethelo Children's Village, South Africa September 2021

David Hay sent the following message with the September Newsletter:

Dear Friends at Tuggeranong Baptist Church

Greetings from David, Janenne and Rachel. Welcome to our September newsletter.

Our newsletters usually contain details of fun activities we have been doing with the kids.

Most of the last three months has been spent in level 4 lockdown, we have had cases of COVID in the village, and there have been other events that have limited what we have been able to do.

That doesn't mean we haven't been doing fun things, but this newsletter focuses on some other events from the last few months.

This has been the hardest three months we have had since coming to South Africa in 2015. While it has been challenging, we can testify to how the Lord has provided during this time. More on this later in the newsletter.

The Newsletter contains:

- Details of lockdowns and how the village coped with an outbreak of 7 cases of COVID

- An account of Civil Unrest in Kwa-Zula Natal province where the village is located and how the Lord provided food to the village when riots and looting resulted in short supply of everything.

- A report on Andrew Hay's medical treatment as he moves towards the end of a 10 week course of chemotherapy.

- The story of a young boy suffering because of the high levels of trauma he has experienced. TBC recently contributed towards this young man's medical expenses.

- The good news that, instead of postponing the return to Australia on Home Assignment, the family may return as early as February 2022. Others who have been unable to take up positions because they have been locked down in countries of origin are becoming eligible to travel to South Africa.