Church service at the Garratt Street Centre - Sunday 14 August 2022

Church service at the Garratt Street Centre - Sunday 14 August 2022

This event has ended.

The Health Emergency Declaration has been extended until 30 September 2022. Restrictions still apply to Places of Worship.

On 8 August 2022 ACT Health requested that we each Wear a face mask when entering a public indoor setting or when you can’t physically distance from others. And please remember to be kind to those who can’t wear a mask.

Click on RSVP below to book seats at Sunday's church service. Bookings help us seat you in rows that are 1.5m apart. Seats are allocated before the service each Sunday.

Open the attached PDFs for detailed instructions on how to book or change your booking, the Church Central App How to Guide tells you how to load the App on your SmartPhone or to read the current ACT Health restrictions and our COVID Safety Plan.

For last minute bookings or cancellations, send text message to 0422 261 672.

COVID Smart Measures at Sunday Services

Masks - ACT Health have requested that we wear a face mask when entering a public indoor setting.

You may choose to wear a mask if there are less than 2 seats or 2 carpet tiles between you and others and/or to decrease your risk as congregational singing is allowed at Tuggeranong Baptist Church. Congregational singing is identified by ACT Health as an activity that increases your risk of contracting COVID 19.

Please Wait to be Seated by one of the Ushers and, while you are waiting Sanitise your hands.

[COVID Smart Behaviours]( and application at Tuggeranong Baptist Church

Stay up to date with COVID-19 Vaccinations. Proof of vaccination is not required at Tuggeranong Baptist Church but is encouraged, where possible, to help protect yourself and others.

Stay home if unwell and get tested.

Wear a mask. Mask wearing is mandatory if you use the lift on Sundays as there is no ventilation in the lift. ask wearing is recommended when you are unable to maintain physical distancing. (eg if there is less than 2 seats or 2 carpet floor tiles between you and another person).

Practice good hygiene. Sanitise hands as you enter and follow protocols if you use the toilets.

Physically distance. Physical distancing means separating yourself from other people as much as possible (about 1.5 metres apart) when you’re in public places